Star Dangers
♈ Aries: Fire and sharp instruments are a common cause of danger to Arians. They are also vulnerable to igh speed accidents and violent encounters, they tend to find themselves in dangerous situations commonly
♉ Taurus: When love or money come into chaos, Taureans have a tendency to become violent. Their possessive nature can arouse anger in those close to them
♊ Gemini: Gemini are prone to accidents, especially when traveling by air. They can arouse deep and dark responses in others because of their indifference and fickle nature
♋ Cancer: Accidents at home are one of Cancer's biggest dangers. They can also find themselves being victims of theft an awful lot.
♌ Leo: Very prone to being victims of slander. Many people look to bring down the Leo because they are envious of status or their seemingly confident facade. In their challenging nature they can trigger impulsive and reckless responses in others
♍ Virgo: An at times unemotional attitude, practical reserve, critical nature and sharp tongue can evoke anger in other people. A tendency to interfere can also lose beneficial friendships
♎ Libra: Their amiable and indecisive nature can easily be taken advantage of by others. Sometimes Libra can be so desperate to fulfil their need to have a partner that they attract dangerous and unbalanced people towards them
♏ Scorpio: Other people can be easily evoked by the secretiveness of Scorpio, and harbor hostility towards them. Their tempers easily convert to violence and they can act on delusions when enraged, putting themselves and others in danger
♐ Sagittarius: Fire and explosion are Sagittarius' biggest danger. Their love of traveling puts them at higher risk for harm - especially from this. Their independent nature can spark possessiveness in partners
♑ Capricorn: Other people are Capricorn's biggest danger. Many are jealous of their status or try to bring them down. Some people can harbor unnecessary hostility to Capricorn because of what they 'think' they are.
♒ Aquarius: Allured by unconventional situations, Aquarians can be drawn to people with bizzarre personalities that can be ill intentioned. Especially in youth they can be targeted and bullied for their eccentricity or individuality
♓ Pisces: With neptune as their ruler and an urge for escapism, drugs and alcohol can cause considerable destruction to Pisceans. They also tend to be drawn to unwell, unbalanced and ill intentioned people
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