Harry Potter Zodiac ╰☆╮
♈ Aries - Nymphadora Tonks: Fearless (career as an Auror), attracted to the darkness (Remus), inclination for adventure, unique and individual, pioneering, romantic, duelling, challenging, adventurous,
♉ Taurus - Hagrid: Ecological, generous, warm hearted, connected with nature, simplistic, sensitive, resourceful, reserved, friendly, depended on, rational, thoughtful
♊ Gemini - Fred & George Weasley: Playful, humorous, mischievous, sociable, friendly, entrepreneur, well liked, charming, insightful, quick witted, impulsive, clever, distractible
♋ Cancer - Molly Weasley: Homely, family oriented, incredible cook, immensely loyal, cardinal, brave, compassionate, changeable, unpredictable, family dominance
♌ Leo - Harry Potter: Brave, courageous, protective, insightful, loyal, thoughtful, impulsive, active, energetic, fearless, kind hearted, generous, adored, confident yet humble
♍ Virgo - Hermione Granger: Intellectual, meticulous, contemplative, analytical, preoccupied with perfection, irritable, frustrated at inefficiency, articulate, refined, interested in serving/helping others, calculated
♎ Libra - Minerva McGonagall: Diplomatic, fiery, intelligent, sympathetic, tough, insightful, charming, elusive, strong under fire, friendly, disarming, irrevocable
♏ Scorpio - Tom Riddle: Preoccupation with death and immortality, charming (in younger years) reserved, secretive, power hungry, domineering, revengeful, solitary, mysterious
♐ Sagittarius - Sirius Black: Rebellious, casual, friendly, energetic, philosophical, wise, fearless, changeable, dream oriented, confident, brave, clever, spirited
♑ Capricorn - Albus Dumbledore: Wise, direct, spare with wording, insightful, analytical, intelligent, finds value in everything, elder, inspiring, protective, ambitious, sympathetic, brave
♒ Aquarius - Luna Lovegood: Insightful, friendly, eccentric, sensitive to the unconscious, intelligent, distractible, flittery aura, odd/unusual habits, empathetic yet still emotionally detached
♓ Pisces - Ron Weasley: Warm hearted, anxious, humorous, adorable, clumsy, romantic, humble, follower, sensitive, misunderstood, cardinally brave
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