I'm Pisces sun and Leo moon, and lately I've been feeling really inspired. Any astrological reason for that? Still and forever loving your blog (:

Thank you :3 mmm look at all those planets in creative pinata leo! jupiter, venus and the moon is in leo! and jupiter rules pisces and celebrates in leo, and venus is  the love of life and everything that is delight in colours and music and light… transiting neptune pisces in the 3rd house retrograde..and making an opposition to the sun… the internal world is highly awareness, in a divine saturation with spiritual galaxies and artwork, the kaleidoscope of the inner universe projects into outer consciousness and turns the world into liquid waves… i think your inner leo is truly inflamed!!

i know astrology has jupiter at fall capricorn and jupiter in detriment (3rd house)

but i dunno if i can apply this rule to jupiter. jupiter just expands wherever we are, even if its within the small scope of the 3rd house or the refined vision of capricorn. it grows within the space. its jupiter! its whole spirit is about positivity and joy and that jupiter blossoms wherever we follow the guidance and use it with positivity. jupiter is rad anywhere. in capricorn it expands the horizon above the mountain and gives meaning to mechanics, and in the third house it glows the words on pages and sends jupiter publishing manuscripts to the favored author

a way of differentiation ive always seen between the houses and the signs in a cosmic landscape is like, the natal planets in sign people (i.e sun in sagittarius) are the “locals”. like they carry the city plan of the houses in them, they are the pinhole light of all the knowledge in there. to view it from the inside out. and those with natal planets in the houses are the “tourists”, there to soak up the experience and scope out the passageways. to view it from the outside in. so the sagittarius is the guru, the working psychiatrist, the philosopher, and the ninth house person visits the ninth house in search of the guru, in line with his dreams to study the mind, and to learn from the locals. and if you could visit the houses i’m sure the natal dominant people would be like sovereignty (fifth house!!), sought experts, and wise guides. while the signs are are the unique archetypal expressions of the planet in question, the houses are the fields of expression, the living sphere that we pour the qualities of the signs into, the air we breathe, the space we find meaning

im so worried about joan rivers that babe is a bunch of laughs and the only thing fake about that gemini is her face 

And the sea’s lightly iced, Unsalty water.

I just can’t comprehend
Whether it is the end of the day, the end of the world,
Or the mystery of mysteries in me again.

Star Quotes ~

Anna Akhmatova

loving the Simpsons zodiac you're doing rn

hahaha love the simpsons. theres a simpsons moment for every moment!!
thanks! x




Hi,sorry if I sound like a creeper but I noticed you have a few Hello kitty stuff in your room,and I was wondering what are your thoughts are on the news that came out that she isn't actually a cat?I was in complete shocked for 5 mins. Lol

lol thats funny um im wearing HK right now but i think look at it it does not look really like a cat anyway? i dunno what it is but as a rule cats usually freak me out and i seem to like this  cat so it makes sense its not a cat :p maybe like a milky earth dewgong or something haaa. maybe it will be hello titty boob grab cat



Gemini in self dialogue

cusps dont exist is everyone really gonna make me answer this 20 times a day i mean if u havent noticed im already on the borderline of sanity to begin with its like how many times do i have to. and wait to i have to? no but then people get annoy for not answering questions